Completed Net

Here’s a picture of a completed net (refer my previous post on making them). 

I really like the grey mesh that my wife sewed up for me in record time. 

When you make something yourself it’s easy to get caught up on how it’s not exactly what you intended, it’s little flaws and such. But, if you allow yourself to stand back and say “I did this, it’s the only one of its kind in existence and I’m allowing myself to feel proud”, then, suddenly, life becomes really cool. 

This net is bound for a friend of mine tomorrow. He hasn’t asked and I haven’t promised one. He’s a good guy. We’re not very close but sometimes it’s also cool to just acknowledge someone for being a decent person. 

One day I’ll actually keep one for myself. My current net is a low-grade factory produced thing. The day I get my hand on some African  wild olive then I start my own net. 


2 responses to “Completed Net

  1. Looks good and I’m sure your friend will be over the moon. Wild Olive is probably my favourite wood. Mario Geldenhuys amongst other things, rod and net builder made me a small stream net some years ago with wild olive – beautiful.

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