This Blog’s Guitar Schematics

If you wondered what the schematics that form the wallpaper to these pages are, they are the schematics for an early 50’s Fender Telecaster guitar. The one Springsteen plays? Yes, that’s the one.

I trolled the interweb for months looking for them. The web attracts all sorts of certified idiots and I knew that there had to be one who would have painstakingly measured a guitar and drawn it up. After about four months, bingo.

I then bought some mahogany, birds eye maple, African rosewood and American walnut and got to work.

I had no idea of how to go about it and I made or improvised with a lot of the tools. Shaping the neck was remarkably easy.

It’s not traditional in the sense that it’s heavy (read effing heavy) and has seriously overwound humbucking pickups. Those babies could replace Medupi power station and overcome our current crisis (or is that ‘challenge’?). They are in fact called ‘generators’.

I had to make pick up surrounds and stuff by hand out of stainless steel; getting parts isn’t easy in SA.

It’s a real first effort, but it plays great and sounds like a the battle cry of a cave full of particularly annoyed bees. It’s just, and I struggle for the right word, imperfect

Anyhow, I stripped it about three years ago to tweak something and never put it all together again.

Bipolar disorder means never having to say you’re finished.

Picture to follow. Loadshedding, you see.

Still, it’s cool and it’s mine and I love it.




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