Right. Here We Go.

Right, here we go.

To say that I hold strong opinions on most things would be an understatement.  Hell, I have opinions on things that I know nothing about – it keeps conversation lively.

I also find that in order to sort out how I feel about things and to get to a balanced opinion (whatever that is) I need to write them down.  When you commit something to the written word you are forced to un-scramble the layers and textures of immediate thought and to make logical sense of them.  Sometimes the outcomes reached are surprisingly profound.  Profundity aside, most often they are banal.  No problem with that; set them aside and move on.

I’ve kept a journal of sorts for some years now.  It clears my mind.  A lot of it is deeply personal but I suppose there may be some value in sharing some of the sort of things that I write with the world.  My personal value, that is.  The thought of sharing an idea or insight with someone else excites me.  What value it may be to anyone else is their own opinion; to which they are welcome.

Heads up, I’m a bit of a cynic.

So, off we go then.



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